Character Creation Rules


Each player designs the family they come from using the Core Rules for basic details and building background up from there. Players either grew-up on a stead within the Brockroling Clan territories or are part of the crafting/ trading community in Fiesive.


Most the Barbarian professions from the Core Rules are available. The most common background professions are:

- Farmer
- Herdsman
- Hunter
- Craftsman (including Blacksmith)
- Warrior
- Mercenary
- Merchant (probably an Initiate of Issaries)

Other possibilities include:

- Priest (son/ daughter of)
- Shaman or Witch (living outside of the main settlement, not truly considered part of the clan)
- Scholar (Having been sent away to study at a temple of Lankor Myh)
- Bard
- Fisherman

Any ‘Noble’ will be the son/ daughter of the current clan chief Orl Wax-Skin.

No character may increase base Riding due to the effect of the Walking Curse.

Permitted Cults

Any Storm Tribe cults. Most Brockroling Clan members follow one or more of the following:

- Orlanth (Storm god and pantheon head - most popluar diety for men)
- Ernalda (Earth Goddess - most popular diety for women)
- Barntar (Plow god)
- Odalya (Hunting god)

The clan smith follows Gustbran the Bone Smith. Female warriors may also be follows of either Vinga (Orlanth’s daughter) or Babeester Gor (Earth’s Avenger). Any warrior could also belong to Humakt (death and sword god) or Storm Bull (Anti chaos beserker). It is also possible for hunters to follow Yinkin (Alynix god). Merchants tend towards (Issaries god of trade and communication). Any scholars will be followers of Lankor Myh (Knowledge god). Healers may follow Chalana Arroy, in which case all weapon skills are forbidden.

All characters except Shamman’s and Witches gain the Advance Skill – Lore (Cult) and Pact (God)for free.


6pts of Common Magic appropriate to the players cult; plus

Divine Magic appropriate to cult. Player’s may dedicate up to the maximum POW allowable for Initiates.

Only Shamman’s or Witches may start the game knowing Spirit Magic.

Weapon Skills

Any feasible weapon skills are permitted for player characters, with the exception of Longbow (shortbows are permitted), which is not an Orlanthi cultural skill. However, the most common weapon skills taught to clan members are Spear, Sword, Shield, Javelin, Shortbow, Dagger and Fist. Earth cultists and followers of Storm Bull are also taught Axe.

Weapon skills are learned as styles; (e.g. Sword and Shield, Sword and Spear, Javelin, Two handed spear etc.)

Character Creation Rules

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