Campaign set in the East Wilds of Lankst in the land of Ralios in The World of Glorantha.

Ralios is the frontier between two warring empires. That of the God Learner’s and that of the The Empire of Wyrms Friends.

Although officially claimed by the God Learner Empire the Orlanthi clans of Lankst have been fiercely independant since the fall of the Tollish Stygian Emnpire in yr 740. The God Learner Empire sends exploratory missions into the area, but is not able to impose its laws, exact taxation or maintain the peace.

Your clan, the Brockroling Clan remain staunchly independant, siding with neither Empire. Traditionally a peaceful clan they are dependant on the goodwill of the more warlike clans around them.

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Ralios Second Age

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