The World of Glorantha

The World of Glorantha…

Glorantha is a giant earthen cube, if you climb high enough into the mountains to get an unobstructed view there is no horizon, land and sky will blur into the haze at the edge of your vision.

The world is a manifestation of the gods will. Plants and forests exist because the gods placed them there, crops only grow through our prayers to the Earth Goddess, Ernalda, and her children, the Grain Goddesses. Yelm, the Sun God, travels daily across the sky dome bringing his light to the world. The Blue Moon, Anila, hides from Yelm’s burning light and only shows herself briefly every sixth day. Without moon-light the nights are very dark and night-time hunting is dangerous for all except the darkness worshipping Uz.


Each week is 7 days long and the days are Freezeday, Waterday, Clayday, Windsday, Fireday, Wildday and Godsday.

There are 8 weeks to each season:

- Sea Season : Time for planting crops and with good weather for travel.
– Fire Season : Hottest Season of the year. Traditional time for raiding and war.
– Earth Season : Time for harvest, sacred to the Earth Goddesses.
– Dark Season : Coldest season of the year. Yelm’s fire burns less brightly at this time.
– Storm Season : Changing weather. Often strong winds and rain. Good time for raiding.
– Sacred Time : A 2-week period in which people gather to perform ceremonies to the gods.
The net of Time is weakest during this time making magicks stronger.


Coins are divided up into Lead, Copper, Silver or Gold of approximately equal weight. However, trade and bartering is extremely common amongst the clans where coinage is hard to come by. Often values are determined by their worth in comparative number of pigs, sheep, goats or cows.

The World of Glorantha

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