God Learner's

The God Learner Empire of Jrustela, sometimes called the Middle Sea Empire is an evil empire ruled by sorcerous priests. Spreading blaspemy commanded by their Invisible God and his prophet Malkion their dark arts are such that their champions can enter the Hero Plane and break the myths of other relions, resulting in wholesale changes to the mundane world – such as the Walking Curse.

The God Learner’s have a strong presence in Ralios, exacting tribute from many clans, which is the front line of their defence against The Empire of Wyrms Friends.

God Leaner forces are particularly well equipped with high quality metal armour and weapons. Their champions belong to orders of Knights, each dedicated to a particular saint. This seems to be are strange form of sorcerous ancestor worship.

Particularly strange are their Zitorites who replace body parts with machinery in sacrifice to their strange machine god.


God Learner's

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