Brockroling Clan

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Celebrated for their hospitality and feasting. They equally oppose the Empire of the God Learners and the EWF. They favour the formation of a tribe amongst the clans, although their chief Orl Wax-Skin holds no interest in thrones or regalia.

Farmland is comparatively good for the Lankst, due to the presence of a an Ernalda temple, whose godspeaker is Kiera Greendawn, daughter of Orl Wax-Skin.

Viking warrior

Your clan is primarily dependant upon crop and cattle farming. Although it does derive additional incoming from its shareholding in the trade town of Fiesive.

As is right and proper amongst Orlanthi your clan often experiences, and less frequently undertakes, cattle raids with nearby clans during Fire Season and Storm Season.

Brockroling Clan

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