Tag: Howling Wolf


  • Maralis

    Maralis' father, Orlgard, is Thane of the Howling Wolf Clan and much older than her mother, Vinya, who was married to a far older man.

  • Vinya

    Reputed healer. Oldest daughter of [[:orl-wax-skin | Orl Wax-Skin]] and wife of [[:orlgard-sevenson | Orlgard Sevenson]]. Has two children: - [[:maralis | Maralis]] - Theorl

  • Orlgard Sevenson

    Once a proud man and fierce warrior Orlgard, the past years have not treated the [[:howling-wolf | Howling Wolf]] Clan well and Orlgard feels the years wiegh heavily upon him. Orlgard's name has become a curse as his seven sons have died whilst he lives …