Tag: Brockroling


  • Kiera Greendawn

    Stern traditionalist. Keira takes her duties as a godi of Ernalda and daughter of the Clan Chief,[[:orl-wax-skin | Orl Wax-Skin]] , very seriously.

  • Caul Redhand

    An experienced warrior Caul spent much of his youth hiring out as a mercenary and adventuring outside of the Clans borders. He returned with his wife [[:frae | Frae]] to settled down with the clan over the last year and is in charge if the clan defence, …

  • Frae

    Originally from the Elkeri clan, Frae moved here with her husband [[:caul-redhand | Caul Redhand]]. She visits her home clan twice a year. They have two children: - Bran (Boy aged 6) - Erin (Girl aged 4) Trains: Weaving, First Aid

  • Jarstan Silvertongue

    An explorer and trader in his youth Jarstan is known for his fanciful stories of lands far and wide. [[Brockroling Clan | Brockroling Clan]] members often consult him before travelling to places far from Clan boarders. Jarstan's wife, Geida, died from …

  • Yorrick Swiftblade

    Apparently a famous mercenary in his youth, in an atypical manner amongst Orlanthi, Yorrick does not talk much about his past. Has trained most of the young clansmen in their weapon skills and overseas that part of their initiate tests. Counseller to [[: …

  • Harn Crows-Eye

    Chief hunter of the Brockroling Clan. Expert with the short-bow and spear. Tradition demands that Harn takes each new initiate out for his first hunt or cattle raid. Harn has a naturally bositerous, but good-natured manner which causes people to warm …

  • Havock Stormcall

    Best wrestler in the clan and a fine 'brawling' swordsman. Recognised by his clan as a natural tactician and leader the only reason Havock has not been declared Warchief of the Brockroling is his tendency to follow his heart rather than his head and …

  • Garin Goldtongue

    Garin has travelled further and more regularly than anyone in the Brockroling Clan. Bound to the communication rune as part of a high holy-day ritual 4 years ago Garin has a natural ear for languages. As a godi of Issaries Garin enjoys high status both …

  • Cormac

    A calm contemplative figure, Cormac was a hard-working farmer, always cheerful and who lives life to the full. He married young to Greyia of the Pelue Clan and together they have a son Eart, Aged 4 who is Cormac’s pride and joy.

  • Edric

    Orphaned child of the Brokroling clan. Edric's parents were killed whilst on mercenary duty fighting against the God Learner Empire somewhere down south, but he never knew them. Although cared for by the clan Edric never grew particularly close to any one …

  • Maralis

    Maralis' father, Orlgard, is Thane of the Howling Wolf Clan and much older than her mother, Vinya, who was married to a far older man.