Yorrick Swiftblade

Acolyte of Humakt, clans best swordsman and chief weapon trainer


Age 44. Firmly built despite his age. Receading hair-line which was black but is going on grey. Missing two fingers from his left hand. Strict fellow. Reputation for totally honesty and hard work. Is strict on those he regards as slackers.


Apparently a famous mercenary in his youth, in an atypical manner amongst Orlanthi, Yorrick does not talk much about his past. Has trained most of the young clansmen in their weapon skills and overseas that part of their initiate tests. Counseller to Caul Redhand. Always allows his opponents the opportunity to strike first.

Yorrick is married to Tia Truesong (Age 42. Ernalda Initiate). They have one child, a son (Danvol Yorricksson, Initiate of Humakt) who is currently hired out as a mercenary to The Empire of Wyrms Friends fighting the God Learner’s.

Trains : Sword, Shield, Dagger, Javelin, Brawn, Resilience, Lore (Buriel Rites)

Yorrick Swiftblade

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