Havock Stormcall

Orlanthi Storm Servant, Age 33, Light brown hair with stern brown eyes


Tall, wiry muscles and cat-like grace. Unkepty light brown hair and stern brown eyes. Dresses in traditional Ortlanthi clothing and Brockroling clan tartan oversturdy, but battle-worn chain.
Havock is touched by Orlanth himself and in the heat of battle is known to be able to inspire routing men to fight beyond the best of their ability. This has gained him much repute as a raid leader amongst the clans of Lankst.


Best wrestler in the clan and a fine ‘brawling’ swordsman.

Recognised by his clan as a natural tactician and leader the only reason Havock has not been declared Warchief of the Brockroling is his tendency to follow his heart rather than his head and the amount of time he spends travelling on cult duties. Havock cannot stand to be tied-down to one place for too long and is frequently aware on mercenary duty or quests for the Cult of Orlanth; but maybe he will decide to settle down and take the mantle of leadership once the current Chief retires.

Havock Stormcall

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