Harn Crows-Eye

Chief Hunter


Chief hunter. Initiate of Odalya. Age 33. Blood-shot right eye which has given him is name. Wiry build, with a cracked and lined weather beaten face, dark beard and naturally jovial smile.


Chief hunter of the Brockroling Clan. Expert with the short-bow and spear.

Tradition demands that Harn takes each new initiate out for his first hunt or cattle raid. Harn has a naturally bositerous, but good-natured manner which causes people to warm to him.

Wife – Vel. Age 31. Initiate of Ernalda. Stern practical women.
Son – Odal Crowsson. Age 15. Expected to follow his father as an Initiate of Odalya. Head-strong and adventurous. Competent tracker.
Daughter – Meria Velsdotter. Age 13. Dark-haired, loves cooking but is slightly shy.
Son – Jareck Crowsson. Age 8.

Harn Crows-Eye

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