Garin Goldtongue

Trader-priest of Issaries, Age 32, Short blonde hair and warm blue eyes


Average height , warm blue eyes and jovial smile.
Wears only finely crafted clothes, favouring garments with imported fur linings and a large wind-proof cloak when travelling.


Garin has travelled further and more regularly than anyone in the Brockroling Clan. Bound to the communication rune as part of a high holy-day ritual 4 years ago Garin has a natural ear for languages. As a godi of Issaries Garin enjoys high status both within the clan and amongst the merchants of Feisive represents the Clan in any formal negotiation or trade deal. Garin is also popular with the children of the clan as he always has fantastic tales to tell of lands far from the clans borders.

Garin Goldtongue

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